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So THIS GUY thinks he can produce a 3-D Printed house.  Incredible news on the heels of THIS GUY who is aiming to produce 3-D Printed Cars! I am a huge advocate of 3-D printing as a an innovation enabler and manufacturing cost reduction.  The benefits of the 3rd party market will also be a boon to […]

Some folks stop blogging because they forgot they have something to say. Some forgot how to share what they have to say, others like me over the past several months get lost in an idea and put all their free energy (after their day job, kids, family etc) into their concept.  The latter is me, […]

Rare link post The ability or lack of ability to keep valuable contacts alive and healthy is hard (very hard if you have a day job AND lead a team) but so critical to success. Check out these pointers at 99U and for heavens sake please use reminders in your outlook or whatever to remind you to call […]

Double meaning.   This is a downer topic but you need to hear this.  As a matter of survival in modern first world countries you kind of need to kill your inner idea man.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its true, you know it and you do this by actually implementing […]

Every now and then I find myself getting all organized with the restaurant data and start racking and stacking information and metrics to see what I think is going good or bad from a top down look. There are metrics and statistics that I keep that are important to me, trends that tell me if […]

If you are a lone wolf type business dreamer or have a limited access to business expertise your absolute best resource is the internet…duh Tom.  Note, you need legit mentors and probably immediately but there is a way you can temporarily hack into expertise if you are network limited or secretive. Not To Do – […]


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